Camelia Shiseido
September 2013
Product Innovation


SHISEIDO never compromises on safety and quality and this commitment to our customers is why we have developed unique quality tests for every point in the production process. Various quality tests are repeated in product development such as material inspection, microorganism inspection, ingredient analysis, X-ray test, wiper test, handbag test etc. Once a product is produced, SHISEIDO’s products undergo final, unique sensory and quality inspection phases.
Beyond the lab, we conduct a number of tests based on situations that our customer would face in a normal or hectic day:
· The “Drop test” helps us determine whether or not the product can withstand repeated falls from different angles.
· The “Wiper test” helps ensure that the lipstick can be used to the very end.
· The “Tube compression test” make sure the contents do not change when repeatedly used tubed products.
· The “Temparature stability test” confirms the stability of the ingredients when exposed to sunlight, extreme heat or cold.
· The “Transportation test” guarantee that the shock of shipping does not effect the product