Camelia Shiseido
September 2013
The Shiseido House

The hanatsubaki trademark

The Hanatsubaki trademark logo, or camellia flower as we know it today, has been created  in 1915 by Shinzo Fukuhara, Shiseido’s second president.

The bloom pointing upward represents aspiration; while the camellia that points down represents modesty. By balancing these virtues on the inside, a person can achieve true beauty. With an art nouveau influence, beauty and simplicity, modernity and timelessness and eastern and international appeal were captured.

Furthermore, camellia was the favourite flower of Shinzo Fukuhara. Symbolizing admiration, perfection, loveliness and being an omen of good luck

Just like blossom year after year, Shiseido’s vision blooms and grows helping us to perpetually celebrate something beautiful.