Camelia Shiseido
November 2013
The Shiseido House

Spa – Dubai Atlantis The Palm

A magically blissful world just for you

The award winning ShuiQi Spa in Dubai sits amidst Atlantis, in the dazzling palace of The Palm, the largest man-made island in the world. This enviable ocean-themed destination rests on the crescent of The Palm Jumeirah, with far-reaching views of the Arabian Gulf.

An inimitable ritual in your own Spa Suite

The indulgent Japanese Ritual treatment offers four blissful hours within the Royal Spa Suite, an exclusive and private Spa devoted to you only. Beginning your sensory journey, an infused rose petal foot bath awaits you, launching the relaxation followed by a Japanese inspired body bathing ritual to enrich your senses. Including a full body Qi massage, Japanese massage techniques such as Shiatsu stimulate the tsubo points; pressure points situated on the path of Qi, or energy flow. When stimulated, tension is released and the stream of energy is balanced. Combined with deep and caressing massage techniques to boost lymphatic micro circulation, the overall result places the mind and body in an enhanced state of utter relaxation and contentment.

Finally, Shiseido’s most beautiful and premium facial, Future Solution LX Facial Ceremony and a sublime scalp massage ensure you can drift off into thoughts of Paradise, which will still be there when you open your eyes thanks to the beauty of The Palm.

The connection with nature contributes to the total relaxation, fulfillment and harmony close to the Zen aesthetic so dear to the Japanese, and of course is utterly reflective of Shiseido’s ‘spa treatment’ philosophy. Truly the perfect haven in which to relax and unwind. The ShuiQi Spa, Atlantis The Palm offers a refined uniqueness in Spa, a heritage with over 140 years of innovations dedicated to your beauty and well-being.

Prepare to feel your best, inside and out.