Camelia Shiseido
December 2013
The Shiseido House

Shiseido parlour

Shiseido is a brand that cultivated almost since its creation, a passion and know-how unrivalled in Asia for European inspired cooking and baking.

After opening the first ever western-style pharmacy in Ginza, Tokyo in 1872, Founder Arinobu Fukuhara installed a soda fountain in the pharmacy in 1902. Imported from the United States, the fountain served rare treats in Japan that further set the story of Fukuhara being a visionary ahead of his time. So much so that Shiseido were even cited in novels and publications of the era.

And so it began…

Upon demand, the Shiseido Soda Fountain expanded into a building of its own and in July 1928, the original Shiseido Ice Cream Parlour was complete. Designed by Kenjiro Maeda, the luxurious interior boasted an orchestra box for live music, lending an utterly original experience to Japan.

And today…

After its redesign in 2001, the Parlour is known today for delectable dishes in the bustling restaurant areas, an elegant escape over soda bubbles on the top floor and delicate cakes, handcrafted pastries and fine wines in the ground floor shop.