Camelia Shiseido
December 2013
Product Innovation

Shiseido – A pioneer in aromachology for a beautyful life

Have you ever smelt a fragrance that has affected your mood or conjured up memories? Of course you have. In respect of its holistic beauty approach, Shiseido has been promoting research since 1990 that focuses on the functionality of scent. In fact, Shiseido was the first company in the world to use Aromachology, proving once more their pioneering methods to ensure holistic treatment that allows you to look and feel your very best.

What is Aromachology?

Inspired by studies of how aromas affect the human mind, body, mood and emotion, Aromachology marries the art and science of scent. Shiseido’s research’s findings demonstrate that scent not only has psychological and physiological effects on the human mind, but that it can also have affects on skin functions. Fragrance is a key element of every SHISEIDO product. Sleep improvement, sebum control, stress reduction, skin blood flow and Female Hormone balance are all areas that SHISEIDO has investigated.

Get your Aromachological fix…

Whatever your skincare or lifestyle need, Shiseido has it covered. Since every product now uses Aromachology, the benefits are multiple. For a daily lift, revive your energy with the ever-popular Energizing Fragrance first created in 1999. Men can feel less stressed on a daily basis with the modern breakthrough that is the Shiseido Men line. Need feeling relaxed before sleeping ? The Benefiance range will help you being relaxed while fortifying your skin. ZEN Fragrance is exemplified in a range of scents for him and for her, all of which burst with shimmering invigoration and an exclusive aroma to help you to feel energized.
Most recently in 2002, Shiseido became the only company ever to create a stimulating fragrance capable of playing a role in the achievement of an ideal silhouette. After trying various fragrances, four particular scents were noted to have a significant stimulating effect: Grapefruit, Fennel, Estragon and Pepper. By combining these four scents, Shiseido created a completely original Aromachological perfume, SLM fragrance (Spicy Lemon Mixture) that helps fat burning (by increasing expression of UCP (fat burning proteins)). In Spring 2013, Super Slimming Reducer has new advanced aromachological technology using Kuroho, proven to enrich the spirit and relieve stress, as an addition to SLM fragrance.