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An exceptionally safe way of exfoliating horny cells. Super Exfoliating Discs closely mimic the skins natural cell exfoliation process, and act only on the surface layer. Your skin instantly feels silkier. One side is textured cotton for a more intense exfoliating effect and the other side is covered in natural silk, for a polishing effect. DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED.

  • Info

6g x 8discs

Skin type

Excellent for all skin types. Targets dull, uneven, rough skin.


Use once a week after cleansing, morning or evening.

  • Technology

Formulated with Bio-Exfoliderm, a triple action compound, to soften skin, boost natural exfoliation and gently polish skin.How Bio-Performance Super Exfoliating Discs Work :THROUGH BIO-DERMABRASION—freshly renewing the complexion without harshness or irri

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