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Revive your skin with light. This creamy foundation gives skin a radiant finish, creating a more youthful, lifted impression. Provides rich moisture to skin, but feels light and comfortable. The beautiful, non-sticky finish lasts all day. The radiant finish naturally covers fine lines, dullness, and pores for a more youthful impression. A highly moisturizing formula leaves skin feeling hydrated all day. Provides lifting, firming and anti-wrinkle benefits with continued use. NON-COMEDOGENIC. DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED.

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Skin type

For normal to very dry skin.


Full coverage. Highly lustrous finish.

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Using our Perfect Foundation Brush and our creamy Radiant Lifting Foundation, watch our tutorial to see how you can create a youthful, radiant complexion. Light, comfortable and long lasting.

Learn the Shiseido way of achieving beautiful and youthful looking skin with our Radiant Lifting Foundation. Your fingertips are the only tools you need to cover those fine lines and dull pores.

Contains Radiant Reflecting Powder P76a Shiseido ingredient. *Patented in U.S.A., Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan. Patent pending in France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom. – Contains Hydroxyproline, which activates collagen-production**, and the anti-oxidant