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A Multifunctional BB cream with a makeup effect and skincare benefits, for bright, vibrant looking skin that is moisturized and protected against UV damage. Gives skin a bright, even tone and a healthy glow. Conceals pores and minimizes the appearance of skin unevenness. Oil-free cream has a light, comfortable feel. NON-COMEDOGENIC. DERMATOLOGIST AND OPHTHALMOLOGIST-TESTED.

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For whom?

For women of all ethnicities, age and skin type who apply full make-up on a daily basis, and seek high cleansing power from cleansing items.

Skin type

All skin types. With a makeup effect and skincare benefits for bright skin.



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Take a note of how to spread our Perfect Hydrating BB Cream by using our Perfect Foundation Brush. You will achieve a bright, even and healthy complexion which has a light, comfortable feel.

This tutorial takes you through the simple steps to applying our Perfect Hydrating BB Cream. Use your fingertips and discover a unique product which gives you vibrant looking skin that’s moisturised and protected against UV damage.

Formulated with Thiotaurine and Rose Apple Leaf Extract, proven to counteract oxidation.(in vitro tests) Formulated with moisturizing ingredients. SPF 30.