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A multi-purpose gel for skincare emergencies, to help rescue you from the multiple skin concerns that can appear due to stress and lifestyle habits. Its unique skin-conforming texture adheres well to problem areas, even over makeup to deliver effective ingredients.  The dewy, concentrated gel-serum is comfortable for breakout-prone skin as well as dry problem areas.

Skin looks beautiful and incredibly smooth all day, every day.

The relaxing and comforting scent to enhance your daily skincare routine.

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For whom?

For women in their mid 20’s to early 30’s, for all skin types. Women exposed ongoing external and internal stress. Their lifestyle affects the skin and can result in a variety of skin problems. Skin concerns: dryness, skin roughness, breakouts, excess oil, fatigued skin, visible pores, reoccurence of skin problems, unpredictable skin.

Skin type

Gentle yet effective formula for all skin types including sensitive.

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To take an appropriate amount, tap your finger on the gel surface and spread it over the problem area.
For use as part of your skincare regimen, use it as the last step.
For use over makeup, take a small amount and dab it lightly onto the skin.

Formulated with PhytoTarget Complex, which supplements Natural Moisturizing Factor and intracellular lipids to help repair weakened skin barrier function and restore skin’s resistance.<br />
Ingredients, wich directly work on breakouts, roughness, and pore-problematic bacteria, permiate the skin, to quickly correct skin problems.</p>