Camelia Shiseido
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An eyeliner brush that lets you draw the desired line like an artist from the moment you use.

Meticulously designed with Japanese sensibility for effortless application.

Apply eyeliner with unprecedented stability and ease.

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When applying eyeliner, after eyeshadow and before mascara

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How to hold
Lightly hold the Eyeliner brush with your thumb, index and middle fingers as illustrated.

Step 1
Lay the brush flat against the eyelid and apply from the inner corner outwards.

Step 2
Then, hold the brush up to fill in between the lashes.
When you want the cat eye liner (winged at the outer corner), add the step shown next.

How to hold
Hold the Eyeliner brush upside down as illustrated.

Following the angle of the lower lashline, apply upwards and outwards.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese culture, a calligraphy brush and a tea scoop for tea ceremony. A carefully designed original brush and handle.

Brush: Shape and stiffness for ease of use.

  • The materials, shape, length and thickness of bristles were developed with careful attention to detail, to achieve the ideal stiffness and ease of use.
  • Draw any desired lines from thick to delicate.

Handle: Meticulously designed for effortless application.

  • The Shiseido-designed handle featuring the 30°curve. This curve gives a clear view of the eye area so you can apply eyeliner effortlessly.
  • The design allows an amazingly steady grip.
  • Any desired lines from thick to delicate, with a simple stroke of the brush.
  • The angled brush handle does not obscure the view of the edge of the eyes, making it easy to apply eyeliner.