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An enriched softening lotion that helps renew skin’s vitalizing forces and encourages them to thrive. Shiseido’s exclusive 4MSK and TMG combine to target the causes of uneven contours, such as thickening and roughness. The skin texture is refined and pores become less visible, for brighter, smoother skin with an optimal surface texture, a vibrant youthful look, and a soft glow that seems to emerge from within.

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150 ml

For whom?

Women seeking for high premium products, with holistic beauty solutions and services, and not materialistic luxury rewards.

Skin type

All skin types.

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  • Use morning and night after cleansing.
  • Pump the dispenser twice on a cotton pad, and lightly fold the pad to allow softener to spread evenly over the face.

・ Formulated with SHISEIDO’s SkingenecellEnmei* to encourage the vitalizing forces that renew beautiful skin from its source.**

・ Uses an innovative approach to target the cause of uneven contours such as thickening and roughness.

– Contains 4MSK and TMG

・ Japanese botanical ingredients Uji Green Tea Extract, Sakura Leaf Extract and Angelica Root Extract help support the regeneration of skin’s vitalizing forces.**

・ Infuses rich moisture instantly and maintains it over a prolonged period of time, for undeniably supple skin.

* Patented (France, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, USA, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan).

** in vitro test


  • Refines the skin texture and minimizes visible pores for brighter, smoother skin that radiates a soft glow.