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Waterproof to resist sweat, water and tears. The just-applied finish lasts all day.

Like Full Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara, the unique brush originally designed by Shiseido bends to desired angles and effortlessly coats the lashes on hard-to-reach areas.

The flat side catches lashes from the roots to lift and curl firmly. The narrow side combs and separates every lash for the panoramic effect. Suited for downward lashes.

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8 ml

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Place the flat surface of the brush against the lashes, and apply lifting the lashes from the roots.

Comb to separate the lashes from the roots up to the tips using the edge of the brush.

Use the tip of the brush for the small areas like eye corners and for short lashes.

The unique brush originally designed by Shiseido bends to desired angles.
The brush head rotates and swings 360° and bends up to 30° to apply in desired angles and convenient directions. It allows a hand to hold it securely, and the application is as easy as moving it up and down.

Easy application with a steady hand
The bendable head allows to coat the lashes effortlessly.
It makes it easy to apply on hard-to-reach areas, such as lashes on the eye opposite from the dominant hand and fine lashes on the eye corners.

Unprecedentedly light and lifting, Jet-Black formula
Achieves the panoramic volume with beautiful silhouette. It contains Airlight Lift + Volume Powder and Form-Keep Wax to keep a beautiful finish all day long, yet it is easy to wash with daily cleansing and/or warm water.

  • Lifts and expands lashes.
  • Panoramic effect.
  • Catches the fine lashes on the eye corners thanks to the bendable brush.
  • Feels comfortably light.
  • No more straight, upturned lashes.