Camelia Shiseido
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Ever Bloom Extrait Absolue

Everbloom Ever Bloom Extrait Absolue

Created with a unique Shiseido olfactory structure, Ever Bloom Extrait Absolu is a musky white, floral fragrance that diffuses a radiant but enveloping scent.

The rim of its neck carefully crafted to fit the fingertip of the wearer, Ever Bloom Extrait Absolu dispenses only one luxuriant drop of fragrance at a time.

Highly sensuous and long-lasting on skin, it’s bottled in limited quantities as a scent for special occasions.

One single drop of this delicate and floral fragrance has the power to fill in an entire room.


The marriage of Presence and Radiance accord notes forms an aura perfectly addictive, radiantly white and decidedly serene.

Orange Blossom Absolute, gardenia and Sylkolide musk create the inner Presence Accord, expressing a woman’s inner qualities – capturing her confidence, tender intelligence and irresistible sensuality

The sophisticated, understated notes of cyclamen, lotus and rose essence blend to create the Radiance Accord, giving its wearer an all-enveloping freshness, unforgettable to all who encounter her.