Camelia Shiseido
March 2014
Product Innovation

On the Road to Hair Regrowth: Another Shiseido Discovery

Adenosine, a substance naturally found in the humanbody has a special capability: it promotes hair growth. It works by increasing the production of a protein called FGF-7, which is found in the dermal papillae—the part of the hair follicle that nurtures hair as it grows.

Shiseido discovered Adenosine while searching for ingredients that would increase the power of the FGF-7 gene to produce a certain protein(?), with the goal of counteracting hair loss. Shiseido was able to directly manipulate the hair follicle cells, including dermal papilla cells, and successfully increase production of the hair growth protein.

This research led to the development of “Adenogen”, an exclusive reinvigorating treatment that restores hair’s natural vitality, thick look, and healthy sheen.