Camelia Shiseido

Future Solution LX

Fusing the finest of Shiseido’s scientific and experiential achievements, FUTURE SOLUTION LX treats skin to unparalleled care, nurturing its ability to self-regenerate. With time, skin keeps getting better and better.

For women who dream of the ultimate scientifically proven skincare experience and are open to new and scientific experiences.
For women want to fight aging signs and bring out the beauty of her natural skin.

Shiseido based this line on its award-winning* discovery: Dry, damaged or stressed skin contains high levels of a negative factor called Serpin b3.
Shiseido exclusive ingredient, Skingenecell 1P, suppresses the production of Serpin b3** and increases cell vitality to fundamentally improve skin quality and counteract the appearance of future aging*.
Find the Preventive Powers in Botanicals : Future Solution LX is formulated with a complex of natural ingredients :

  •  Japanese Uji Green Tea Extract helps prevent cellular damage caused by oxidation which leads to skin aging**,
  • Super Yeast Extract increases cellular vitality, collagen, and hyaluronic acid**
  • Star Fruit Extract protects from collagen breakdown**.

Future Solution LX improves your skin’s resistance to wrinkles and sagging for years to come.

*Skingenecell 1P makes skin resistant to harmful environmental factors such as UV rays.(in vitro)** in vitro tests.


Rebuild & Regenerate

Specific Care

Future Solution LX x Heritage

Rooted in Japanese tradition, Future Solution LX honors your skin with the ultimate sensorial experience for lasting beauty.