Camelia Shiseido
Future Solution LX

the virtue
of longevity.

The treasure of nature. The feat of technology. Future Solution LX

A highly superior,
luxurious night cream

This cream is formulated with a high concentration of Shiseido’s exclusive SkingenecellEnmei, a component of which helps accelerate age-defending benefits and encourage the vitalizing forces that renew beautiful skin from its source.

Total Regenerating Cream

A rich, multi-functional daytime cream

A truly luxurious multi-functional daytime cream that both protects skin and helps renew its vitalizing forces. With its rich, smooth texture, it maintains a deeply hydrated feeling through the day. Skin is defended, even when exposed to daytime aggressors like UV rays, dryness, oxidation and pollutants.

Total Protective Cream

Beauty Longevity System

Beauty Longevity System actively promotes the regeneration of beautiful skin cells and delivers high skincare effects. By supplying SkingenecellEnmei day and night, skin will achieve long-lasting beauty into the future.

The Philosophy of FUTURE SOLUTION LX

Through a reverence for all living things, Japanese people cherish and learn from the simplicity and harmony of nature.

Special Care

Base Make-Up