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The new fragrance
Your presence. Your aura. Your fragrance.
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The fragrance

White, radiant, enveloping

Created with a unique Shiseido olfactory structure, Ever Bloom is a musky white, floral fragrance that diffuses a radiant but enveloping scent.
One single drop of this delicate and floral fragrance has the power to fill in an entire room.


Rose Essence



Orange Blossom Absolute
Sylkoide Musk


The expression of a new femininity

Eternity in an instant

Ephemeral, instantaneous, immediate: the sudden blossoming of a white flower that liberates in a second — and for a few minutes only — its captivating spell and the infinite, eternal trail. it has the power to suspend in space forever.

Sensitivity in bloom

It all starts with the black-and-white photo of a flower, the expression of timelessness and eternity. The photo of a flower. A simple flower, the eternal feminine symbol.

A sovereign camellia, seraphic, milky, captured in the instant, in 1940, by the camera of Rosō Fukuhara, son of the Shiseido brand creator and a world-renowned artist…

With a blink of the eye, a woman can make a man fall in love…

We see her when she passes. She’s at ease everywhere. Her elegance permeates all things. This eminently modern woman chooses a fragrance that is not quite a fragrance; rather, it is an imprint, a benevolent aura of light and grace, a scent that suggests, in its own special way, a new femininity: softer, more incarnate, more authentic

Inspiration and karakusa

The traditional Japanese pattern, Karakusa, first appeared in 1915 in the House of Shiseido designs through the influence of the artists from the Tokyo School of Arts.The karakusa directly suggests the essence of SHISEIDO EVER BLOOM perfume.
It imposes itself naturally to express the idea of vital energy, of a radiant and totally natural beauty….

The perfumer: Aurélien Guichard

When creating Shiseido Ever Bloom, I wanted to bring a new fresh sensuality, a new petal blooming sensation that will leave un unforgettable impression. I imagined a transparent floral heart, clean and natural. An abstract flower that you can’t quite identify, a flower with a “blurred” outline… I think this fragrance is about serenity, happiness, sensuality

A beating heart of glass

The bottle has the density of fine objects. It’s free, undulating and caressing lines makes you want to hold it in your hand.

Light, the symbol of inner beauty, enters the bottle and sets it aglow.

Perfume: a true art

In Japan, a taste for perfume and the aesthetic appreciation of fragrance are considered to be a major expression of sensitivity and refinement.
The House of Shiseido is infused with this tradition and shares this philosophy by proposing fine perfumery that is first of all an experience, a manifesto of boldness and an artistic commitment.

For the eyes, there is painting. For the ears, there is music.
For touch, there is sculpture. But what is there for smell?
I want to make perfume known as a true work of art."

First President of Shiseido
Shinzo Fukuhara

Because the beauty is already in you