Camelia Shiseido


Driven by more than a century of research and development, Shiseido skincare science goes beyond moisture replenishment and problem solving: it elevates your skin to it’s best potential, boosting its innate ability to improve itself. This research is supported by numerous international scientific and cosmetic awards.

Discover products for your skin’s every need, at any age, with high performance active ingredients and formulations combining the vitality of nature and the power of science, working in synergy with your skin. Enjoy luxurious textures with ingenious eastern application methods and the refinement of a delicate aromachological scent that boosts the skin. A holistic and complete experience.

Remove dirt, pollution and impurities, without drying out skin with Shiseido cleansers. ‘Double cleanse’ is Shiseido’s cleansing ritual, the first cleanse removes make-up, and the second cleanse purifies the skin.

Beautiful skin depends on a soft, smooth surface. Shiseido softeners instantly infuse generous moisture into the skin, help to retexturize skin and stimulate skin’s natural exfoliation process to maximize its radiance. Shiseido softeners also help deliver effective ingredients of further skincare treatment. The face becomes touchably softer and smoother, different from toner, that tends to dry out the skin.

Before moisturizing, your skin needs to be boosted with a highly-concentrated formula. Shiseido serums provides many benefits adapted to your skin to reinforce your daily skincare treatments, and protect your skin against internal and external aggressors.

Make sure your eyes reflect your beauty.Eye area skin is the thinner and more delicate than other facial skin, making it prone to dryness, fatigue and signs of aging. Wrinkles, loss of resilience, dehydration and dark circles can appear. Shiseido’s latest survey shows that maintaining the firmness of eye area skin is vital to maintaining smoothly defned eyes, and an overall youthful look. Discover one of Shiseido’s high performance eye care solutions, to address specific eye concerns.