Camelia Shiseido


In Japan, a taste for perfume and the aesthetic appreciation of fragrance are considered to be a major expression of sensitivity and refinement.

The House of Shiseido is infused with this tradition and shares this philosophy by proposing fine perfumery that is first of all an experience, a manifesto of boldness and an artistic commitment.

  • Women

    Your presence. Your aura. Your fragrance.

    Eternity in an instant.  Ephemeral, instantaneous, immediate: the sudden blossoming of a white flower that liberates in a second — and for a few minutes only — its captivating spell and the infinite, eternal trail. it has the power to suspend in space forever.

  • Men

    ZEN for Men: The power of spicy woods, layered with exotic fruit and masculine musk is for uncompromised sensuality and modern sophistication. Furthermore, the key notes from exotic elements, Nashi fruit and Ehododendrom make Zen for Men a sophisticated, yet passionate fragrance.