Camelia Shiseido

Sharing beauty through the arts

Shiseido has been cultivating and supporting the arts from day one. The founding family’s desire to combine art and science was fervent, and their great appreciation for European art, culture and design was reflected in the course of Shiseido’s imagery over the years.

With the inception of the Shiseido Gallery in 1919, Shiseido continued to support and nurture up-and-coming Japanese artists. Said to be the oldest art gallery still operating in Japan, the gallery has hosted over 3,100 exhibitions, many of which served as the public debut for artists who would later make major contributions to the course of Japanese art. The Fukuhara family was also linked to the development of photography as art in Japan.

In Kakegawa, the Shiseido Art House exhibits Shiseido’s vast collection of contemporary art and design, and has done since 1978.

The Hanatsubaki Award for Contemporary Poetry was implemented in 1983 with the aim of “Heightening the power of words to communicate beauty”.

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